Nima - Maryame Paaeezi


Nima’s latest album, his third release since debuting in 2001, blends various musical elements. Maryame Paaeezi, a unique musical departure from his previous albums, blends electronic harmonies to create an upbeat, poetic album.

1) Maryame Paaeezi
2) Mitarsam
3) Boro Digeh
4) Jaaye to Khaali
5) Eshghe Interneti
6) Yek Kalameh
7) Che Khoobeh
8) Medley


1) Maryame Paaeezi (Video)
2) Eshghe Interneti (Video)
3) Maryame Paaeezi (Behind the scenes)
4) Eshghe Interneti (Behind the scenes)
5) Boro Digeh
6) Poolake Rangi

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