Farzad Aghili - Parstronic (Journey into Sound)


Farzad Aghili’s debut album is a beautiful compilation of melodious soundscapes that range from the intimate scale of ambient to the inspiring mysteries of trance. The power of each track inspires people at any level of musical experience to express themselves positively and imaginatively. Farzad’s unique and deeply felt exploration of the possibility has come to fruition with Parstronic. His musical expression is dedicated to a thoughtful mix of sound inspired by ancient Persian instruments, jazz fusion, experimental music and Zen-influenced personal mysticism. Farzad’s ongoing work might even be called a sonic philosophy, a kind of aurally poured vision of spiritual beauty and peace. Listen and let your mind be free…

1) Poetry in Motion
2) Epiphany
3) Another Spectrum
4) Persian Delight
5) Moments in Fusion
6) Moon over Tehran
7) Fly
8) Poetry in Motion (Instrumental)
9) Epiphany (Instrumental)
10) Moon Over Tehran (Club Edit)

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