Andy - Khalvate Man


With his trademark style of high energy and zest, which always leaves fans thirsty for more. "Khalvate Man," Andy's sixth album, carries his signature style of upbeat melodies and sensual lyrics. Leaving no room for disappointment, "Khalvate Man" is a musical masterpiece that must be experienced.

1) Che Khoshgel Shodie
2) Negaaheh Aval
3) Bargard
4) Az Yaademan Narafteh
5) Boro
6) Shaghayegh
7) Eshgheh O Issar
8) Baila
9) Maral
10) Reyhaan (Club Mix - Haiko)
11) Reyhaan (Club Mix - Elton Ahi)
12) Reyaan (Club Mix - Ara)
13) Reyhaan (Club Mix - Hamlet M)

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